• We are going back to our Online Roots!

    After much prayer and guidance from our friends within the Jewish community, we have made a few changes locally- including downsizing and ending our lease on our building rental so we can go back to focusing on our students online… During the Omer period this year, we were approached with […] Read More →

Welcome Visitors!

To make everyone’s experience the best it can be, please adhere to the following community standards & sanctuary etiquette:

In General:

  • Please silence all electronic devices and phones. If you need to take a phone call, etc. please step outside.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside or outside on the property.
  • Please do not take photos and videos during services and teachings. It is only permitted by authorized individuals during special events. Personal photos outside of services such as during fellowship are fine.
  • Keep all food & drinks to the eating areas unless you have small children.
  • No gum in the sanctuary.
  • According to Jewish law, one should not take religious items into the restrooms. We have provided a shelf outside the main restroom area in the hall in which you may place your religious books, tallit, etc. while you are inside the restroom.
  • Please refrain from gossip & lashon hara (evil speech) & most importantly, on Shabbat, do not conduct business when present. Please be respectful and reserve your conversation for another time.
  • Please make an appointment with Rabbi & Rebbetzin to talk about personal matters if it will take more than five minutes. Rabbi is not always available after service. Please be respectful of their time and the community’s time with Rabbi by making an appointment when needed.
  • We are not responsible for any items left behind. However, if something is accidently left, we will place it in the Lost & Found. After a month, anything left will be donated.

Dress Code:

  • Dress in a way that reflects that you are in HaShem’s sanctuary. Please reserve casual/active wear for times when we have fellowship events that call for casual wear. Dress a bit more conservative or modest for worship.
  • Everyone views this differently so dress in a way that will not distract others during services. We are our brother’s keeper.
  • In general, for men and women- clothing that is too tight, too revealing or has undergarments showing is prohibited in our community.
  • While we want everyone to dress in a comfortable way, if participating in the service (being called to read from the Torah, recite blessings from the bema, etc.) please dress a bit more conversative that day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • As not everyone observes religiously the same way, we have no problem with women wearing pants or women who do not want to wear head covering as long as women do not wear men’s religious articles (kippot, tallits). For this reason, if a woman wants to cover her head, we have provided you with a few scarves near the front door.
  • The only time a head covering is required for both men (kippah) and women (head covering) is if participating in service with Rabbi or if you are praying or called to read at the Bema.

A special note on women’s head covering & men’s kippah & tallit

  • Kippah and Tallit are designated for men only. Jewish women typically wear a headscarf, hat, or wig. Head coverings are not required if you are not Jewish or do not adhere to a Jewish orthodox observance.
  • We do ask that you bring your own tallit and kippah. However, we have a few kippot on top of each visitor’s area in case you need it. We also have headscarves for women.
  • If you borrow a kippah or headscarf, please remember to kindly bring it back to its origin before leaving.

Kosher Only

  • We are a “certified Kosher only” establishment. Please do not bring non-kosher food inside. Only our volunteers are allowed to bring, serve, and work with the food. We ask visitors to simply come and enjoy the fellowship.

Food Allergies

  • Let us know if you have any kind of food allergy. Foods with common allergens (nuts) will be labeled.

Conflict & Discord

  • We have the right to remove anyone being unruly or disrespectful, especially if it is anti-Semitism. If someone refuses to cooperate, the local authorities will be involved.


  • Because we share the property, please make sure to park in front of the building rather than the side- which normally is reserved for our neighbors. If the parking is full, we will double park so please see Rebbetzin if the parking lot is full. Please make sure to not block the entrances when parking.


Do not attend services or events if sick or if you have been around anyone with cold/flu symptoms. Use common sense and stay home. We live stream so everyone can watch. You may visit again once better. The building is sanitized & cleaned after each service. We also provide masks at the visitor’s areas in case you need one. Florida is NOT a mask-mandated state.

Parents & Youth

To make everyone’s experience the best it can be, please adhere to the following community standards & sanctuary etiquette:

  • We have a youth room with all sorts of fun items and we have a small kitchen. You may bring kosher snacks for your children and use what you need to make sure they are comfortable.  We are working on getting a refrigerator. Until then, you are free to keep your snacks in the kitchen area just discuss with Rebbetzin.
  • It is perfectly ok to leave the sanctuary to go outside or in the back to attend to your children. We do not get easily distracted and we have children of our own so we know how it goes.
  • Please note that the door in the youth room is an exit only door. Please do not go in and out of that door. We keep it locked for the children’s safety. In the case of an emergency, you are free to unlock it.
  • We have a small supply of baby wipes. However, please be sure to bring your own supplies and extra things your kid may need in case of accidents with food or diaper changes. We do not have a diaper change station as of yet, however, the restrooms are large enough to use or you may use the youth room to change your child if needed. We are very flexible, just please do not change diapers in the sanctuary.
  • Lastly, if your child plays with or borrows something from the room, please be sure to return it to it origin before leaving so we keep the resources for another day of play. If you need anything or have concerns, please see Rebbetzin.