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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Official Virtual Online Member of the Sulam Ya’aqov Community.

We are now offering “General Membership”. General members are those who support Sulam Ya’aqov financially via donations/tithes and with viewer support of Rabbi’s teachings on a regular basis. They are the online community and they attend services and events online and in person.

General Members are considered Virtual members of the community and receive access to all teachings and services online that are not a part of any paid-only courses. They will receive free community chat features during live streams, and are able to participate in discussions, live events online, and be accounted for as members with their donations, tithes, volunteer efforts, and support of Sulam Ya’aqov as a whole.

General Members receive updates and news before it hits the public and are able to buy products, purchase exclusive member-only items, participate in member-only sales and promotions, and attend events before they are released to the public.

In order to become an Official Online Member of our community, one must commit to being actively involved with Sulam Ya’aqov via online interaction with the community, give tithes/donations on a regular monthly basis, and attend to our services & studies online. In addition, if you are able to connect with us locally, this is also great news because we can fellowship in person here in Jensen Beach/Stuart, Florida!

Below you will find a place to enter your membership information and place your monthly tithe/donation of any amount over $10 in order to become an Online Member. Once your donation goes through, you will receive a Member log in via email where you can access your own Member Area containing access to Member-only blog posts, videos, and teachings from our team.

Whenever you would like to make a future donation, you can simply hit the Donate button on the navigation menu to tithe/donate as you please and a record of your giving will be created for you for the end of each fiscal year in our office. We are not a 501c status organization and never will be, however, we do account for all donations sent and keep reports for members as a method of transparency with those who are blessing our outreach and learning center.

Please only fill out this form and submit a donation to financially support Sulam Ya’aqov if you plan on being with us long-term as an Official Online Member.

We want to provide the best quality teaching and spiritual counseling that we can to those who are deeply touched by our organization and are willing to enter into this great adventure with us. That would be impossible to do on a personal level for everyone, but those who are members of our community will always get access to our team first.

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