Social Media Platform Updates

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: We have announced in the past that we would have alternative social media platforms that are less censoring than this one and we are ready to share those with you. Simply stated, Facebook can be great but it is a major distraction to the world and we see people debating, fighting, or doing stupid things to each other. The places you go physically and online reflect you. How you conduct yourself online shows the lack of spiritual maturity or spiritual growth. Sadly, Facebook does not reflect us or the way we think- we are only here for Business reasons and even that is in decline since many are leaving it due to its censorship.

This is why going forward, many things that we shared online to the GENERAL PUBLIC will now be private to our supporters on our own website. Facebook is just a tool for sharing but if you plan to continue to watch or support our teachings, please make sure you are doing so at our own website.

Even what you see on our YouTube page will not be accessed publicly anymore unless you are on our website first.

When you have your own things, you do not need to depend on other platforms that can easily shadowban or block you for your beliefs or censor you if you disagree with their narratives.

Join us online at going forward for Services and other teachings that we used to share online. If you are a regular financial donor, you will be able to continue your journey with us online. Click on the link to become a regular contributing Virtual Member with us.

-Team Ya’aqov