Revamping the Site to Reflect our Mission


Sulam Ya’aqov is revamping our website going forward in the New Year to reflect our organization’s mission statement & goals within the traditional mainstream Jewish sphere. As you know, we teach everyone- regardless of their religious background, BUT we are a traditional non-denominational JEWISH organization. We have no sect and follow no group or affiliation in order to be a light to everyone without the burden and hassle of being in one sect that may restrict our words.

Our website and teachings going forward will reflect this more for those who follow us and are ready to move in the direction of a traditional Jewish faith, lifestyle, and joining that type of community where they live.

Other faiths are still welcome to come and learn, but our focus is to fully evolve into what we were called to do- teach Torah concepts to those ready to commit to that lifestyle, faith, & community. This means that those who are ready to come out of their Christian and Messianic backgrounds in order to fully embrace mainstream Judaism in its many levels and sects, are our main focus. We are here to help serve a community as we bridge the gap of leaving old beliefs behind so people can move forward in Judaism.

If you have been following us and do not want to move forward into a more mainstream, traditional form of Judaism, you are welcome to find other places that will teach you where you are at.

We personally know of a few very good places that will teach you and do it greatly.

So if we have evolved beyond where you need to go, we are sad to have you leave, but with all things, all seasons, they must end- we send you in Shalom and wish you a blessed religious journey. You are still our brethren and if you are not coming along with us into mainstream Judaism, but need help finding a good place to go in your journey, you are free to send us an email and we will try our best to send you to a place that would be helpful for you in this season.

Just FYI, we are not disappearing, what we are doing is teaching more privately to those who are really supporting us and want to keep going. Sometimes being in the general public hurts the people we are teaching because of the constant battles of trolls, debates, and those who hate what you believe or for whatever reasons want to tell you to do something else, etc. Sulam Ya’aqov has always done what we are saying in our updates today, we are just letting you all know that instead of focusing on Youtube and Facebook, we will focus on our own platforms, and here, you can come as you as long as you want to journey with us. Become a Virtual Member by clicking the link in the navigation menu and keep on swimming!

-Team Ya’aqov