Instructions for Viewing Content

Shalom, everyone!

We strive to provide resources for our Virtual Members and financial supporters so they can learn in the convenience of their own homes. Everyone that has a login on either our or websites is defined as a supporter and this means that you have access to our private content. Supporters are further defined as those in our classes & courses, paid subscription holders on Seventy Faces of Torah, our paid Torah Portion website, and those who donate on a regular basis here on Sulam Ya’aqov, our community organization site. As long as you remain a supporter in any of these ways, you will have access to the private teachings here.

If you created a free login here before we switched over to contributing Virtual Members, please login and add the Virtual Member link to your account by contributing. Once you do that, you will be able to see the private content as well.

All supporters from, we are in the process of creating your logins here. You will receive information on how to login and when to renew your Virtual Membership shortly.

Thank you so much for your financial support and for allowing us in your home.

Access to our content means that our digital content is made available to you for your unique account on our website. Please do not share your login with others outside of your spouse/home. You will only see this content when you are logged in.

When purchasing Digital Products from the Store:

1.) After purchasing the product, even if it was a free download, you can log in to the website and view your dashboard. Log in by going to the navigation menu – you will see the Community Insight Tab, a submenu will pop up named – My Account. Log in there.
2.) You can go to your downloads tab, and you should see the title of your purchase, click on it.
3.) Click on the files and download and watch~! This is ONLY for digital purchases.

Virtual Member content:

4.) To view your Virtual Membership content, simply go to the Community Insight Tab and each teaching, video, blog post, etc. will appear there for you. Click on whatever you want to view. Simple as that!

You can also view products to download in the shop tab on your login dashboard using the same methods as above.

If anything does not work or if you are having a hard time, please use the contact us tab on the menu to send our tech director an email.