Going back to our Online Roots!


After much prayer and guidance from our friends within the Jewish community, we have made a few changes locally- including downsizing and ending our lease on our building rental so we can go back to focusing on our students online.   Having a physical location was awesome for the season it was there, but the location we had would not have worked out in the long run for our needs- which are to bring people closer to Jewish communities/helping those convert. The area we were in lacked in all things Jewish even though it was close to the water and in a great area. The opportunity for the rental opened up in an amazing way so we went forward with it. The rental company allowed us to transform the space into a learning center and loved the fact that we were there. However, sometimes some doors need to close so better opportunities can be opened. We choose to close those doors physically because we were being guided in another more specific area to serve in and evolve ourselves further. Which honestly, was the perfect opportunity needed and an answer to prayer that we had been asking about for many many years.   During the Omer period this year, we were approached with an opportunity to serve within the mainstream Jewish community for a very specific need. We are very happy and excited about serving the community in this way- which is very close to our heart and a part of our mission statement here- to teach the righteous ger. For now, we are preparing for the journey ahead with this opportunity and we will announce it when ready, but for now- we will continue to only host private teachings via Seventyfacesoftorah.com for those who are already a part of our classes/subscriptions there and continue to communicate with our online general viewership/virtual membership here on the website forums. If you try to look for us on social media- that would be a task as we have been pausing/deleting our social media accounts overall. We simply hate social media for many reasons we will not go into here- but it has many benefits of leaving most social media sites which are a waste of time. We choose to continue communication with our members here on our own website where we can not be censored, shadow-banned, or canceled.   In conclusion, thanks for your continued support, emails of encouragement, prayers, and love as we continue to journey towards what we are called to do- enrich the lives of those wanting to join the people of Israel and help guide them towards local living communities. WE are still here, quietly teaching and peacefully enjoying our family and getting ready for the great opportunities coming our way soon. We have our YouTube channel, this website, and our subscription website. You can keep following us here and continue to enjoy our content as you have always done before! -Team Ya’aqov   For Technical Support Needs:


  General Inquiries: info@seventyfacesoftorah.com