We have finished our extended break, however, we have prayerfully concluded that we will not be returning to live streaming on Shabbat and will continue to teach privately to our students and supporters via video uploads and live teachings when we can.

We have always tried to encourage everyone to join their own mainstream local Jewish communities for participating in services and community gatherings. Understanding that most observant Jewish communities do not live stream or use technology on Shabbat, we want to be sensitive to those communities even though we have viewers online of various observance levels. For those who view our teachings online, we will continue to post important videos on YouTube- mainly for Holy Days or important dates/times for our faith as well as focus on those who are paid subscribers over at our teaching site-

Our online community is important to us and we want to continue to provide quality teaching when there is a need and for important studies, however, we want to also guide you to your local environments as well. As you grow locally, your need for our teachings should balance itself out less and less. We are only a bridge and we are happy to be a balance for you.